Kaizten Analytics has professionals with extensive proven experience in port logistics.

In this field we have been developing various projects in recent years where we design and integrate techniques of artificial intelligence with the aim of improving the operational port.


Berth management

The management of berthing space is one of the tasks with the greatest impact on the competitiveness of the port infrastructure.

The data analysis techniques developed by Kaizten Analytics make it possible to make accurate predictions of ship arrivals while advanced optimization techniques make it possible to determine the best way to use port resources to provide services

Loading and unloading of containers

Stowage is one of the most complex tasks that require the most effort in the port context.

At Kaizten Analytics we have developed a wide set of optimization techniques to organize human effort and the management of the machinery used, and thus achieve high levels of productivity while reducing uncertainty about operations.

Container storage

The container yard is one of the most stressed elements of the port infrastructure.

The use of predictive data analysis techniques combined with heuristic algorithms carried out by Kaizten Analytics provides quality results in terms of machinery productivity and improvement of the service provided, both to ships and heavy vehicles.

Dossier on Port Management

Below you can find a dossier on optimization problems in the port field addressed by Kaizten Analytics.

Selection of academic papers